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Licensed Practical Nursing

Frdericksburg, VA
We are currently seeking a LPN in Fredericksburg, VA. 

Responsibilities to include but not limited: 
  • Patient triage including taking vital signs, weight, chief complaint, past medical history, and family/social history. 
  • Performs common tasks including but not limited to medication reconciliations, vaccinations, etc.
  • Coordinates visits and paperwork for patient/doctor visits. 
  • Records and reports symptoms. Documents accurately via electronic medical record.
  • Reviews patient charts and records essential information including medical past and history, reactions, treatments, etc. 
  • Basic knowledge of routine labs.  Able to order labs on behalf of the provider and fax to preferred lab
  • Review and set up electronic prescriptions for patients 
  • Maintains inventory and stock of clinical and medicinal supplies. 
  • Educates patient on current health issues, medications, diet, etc.
  • Practices safety and health code standards. 
  • Performs jobs assigned by practice manager and doctors as directed. 
  • Maintain patient confidentiality and follow HIPAA laws/regulations
  • Maintain safe infection control practices and follow OSHA laws/standards
  • Able to work all office locations including satellite locations as required.
  • Order medical supplies for office locations as directed by Practice Manager
LPN Licenses
Minimun 1 year exp.  
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